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Certainly, here’s a summary of the key details for the GOODWE Lynx-HV F-H PLUS High-Voltage Battery:

Battery Specifications:

  • Usable Capacity: 3.27 kWh
  • Nominal Voltage: 102.4 V

Control Unit:

  • Model: GOODWE Lynx-HV F-H PLUS

Compatibility: The Lynx Home F series is compatible with various GoodWe inverters, including:

  • ET series (3-phase hybrid inverter)
  • EH series (1-phase hybrid inverter)
  • BH series (1-phase battery inverter)
  • BT series (3rd generation 3-phase battery inverter)

System Connections:

  • The high-voltage battery can be connected with 2-5 battery towers and is compatible with the GoodWe ET Plus series and BT series, which have a battery voltage range of 600 Vmax.
  • For the GoodWe EH series (1-phase), it can be connected to one battery tower and a maximum of 4 battery modules. The battery voltage range of the EH series is 460 Vmax, which aligns with the Lynx Home F configuration with 4 battery modules.


  • The GoodWe high-voltage battery is installed through a plug-and-play process, eliminating the need for additional parameterization of individual battery modules.
  • Battery modules feature built-in handles for easy stacking, and each module weighs 43 kg.
  • No additional cabling between modules is necessary.
  • Communication is established using the existing communication cable (BMS cable) between the GoodWe inverter and the PCU.
  • A separate battery cable (diameter: 6 mm²) is used for power transmission between the inverter and the PCU.
  • A PE cable for grounding is required but not included in the package.
  • The entire system can be managed through the GoodWe PV Master App.
  • The GoodWe high-voltage battery is suitable for emergency and backup power applications.


  • The product and performance are guaranteed for 10 years, providing peace of mind for the long term.

This system offers a reliable and flexible energy storage solution for various GoodWe inverters, with easy installation and a substantial warranty period.

Datasheet Goodwe Lynx Home F series

Weight43 kg
Dimensions38,0 × 60,0 × 15,5 cm




Capacity in kWh


Recommended for average annual consumption in kWh


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GoodWe LYNX home F Plus+ LX F3.3-H High Voltage battery module 3.27kWh
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